Affordable Iron and Garage Door Installation and Repair

Welcome to Affordable Iron Doors

The demand for iron doors is greater than ever, with many homeowners appreciating the classic combination of style and security an iron door offers. At Affordable Iron Doors, we offer you top quality iron doors, railings, gates and iron garage doors at prices below the competition’s every time. We do repair and installation of all types of iron doors and garage doors as well.

Our focus is on providing our customers top quality, beautiful iron doors and windows that will last for years at a price they can afford. We don’t work with a middle man, in fact most every door is hand crafted by gifted artisans who have been trained in the European style of wrought iron construction. Because we make all of our iron doors and windows ourselves and sell them directly to you, we can pass along substantial savings. Whether you’re searching for an iron garage door, iron windows or exterior iron doors for your home, you’ll find what you need at a great price.

Garage Door Repair and Installation

At Affordable Iron Doors, we install new or repair all types of garage doors, garage door openers and even work on springs and all components that come with your door. We focus on the customer so that you get exactly what you’re looking for. There is no job to big or small for us and even work with commercial projects to get them installed or repaired as soon as possible. We are the only choice when it comes to installation or repair of your garage door. We cater nationwide so that whether you have several garage doors El Paso Texas issue or one in Stafford Virginia, one of our many locations can help you out.

The Beauty of Affordable Iron Doors

Nothing can compare to the beauty of a forged wrought iron door. Intricate detailing, from graceful curves and delicate flowers to strong geometric shapes, is the hallmark of a hand crafted iron door that will transform your entry way from a simple entrance into a stunning work of art.
We pride ourselves on unique touches that add to the beauty of your iron door. First we start with sandblasting to remove any impurities, second is a hot-dip galvanization process followed by an electrostatically coated layer of Zinc primer to virtually eliminate any kind of rust. Next we spray on premium grade “Nippon” Black Epoxy enamel that is baked on for 2 hours at high temperature. Finally we hand apply a copper faux finish and seal with a clear coat to ensure your door looks great for many years to come. Waterfall glass, Stone Pattern glass and other elegant glass textures provide plenty of light with the privacy you crave. We can also do the same for your garage door repair or installation in El Paso or Stafford Virginia.

Dress up your home with an iron door to truly make a statement. We offer traditional Spanish and Old World styles as well as modern and contemporary styles to coordinate beautifully with every style of home. If you don’t see the perfect door for your home in stock, let us create one for you.

The Security of Affordable Iron Doors

Iron doors aren’t just decorative. Ours offer added security to your home because they are virtually rust free & indestructible. Each door has solid 5/”8 thick iron scroll work, not tubing or aluminum, both of which can be easily bent or cut. Also fully insulated, hand forged doors fit securely into their frames, creating a tight seal for energy efficiency and security against forced entry.

The Quality of Affordable Iron Doors

Top quality doors like ours are made from solid wrought iron and are hand forged. Our craftsmen hand smooth and polish every weld for a seamless appearance that will grace your home for years. Our flush mounted, hinged glass inserts allow for easy cleaning whenever needed without compromising on security or style.
When you’ve chosen the right iron door for your home, consider completing the look with coordinating iron windows, gates, and railings. Tying together each element of your home with forged wrought iron trim will turn your home’s exterior into a masterpiece.…

Iron Garage Doors

iron garage doorThe most visible door in a home is often the garage door, but it is often neglected and ends up being an eyesore. Iron garage doors can give your a luxurious, timeless look to take your exterior decor to the next level. Don’t let your garage door be an afterthought, ruining the cohesive look of your home’s exterior. By coordinating your garage door with a custom iron exterior door and your home’s wrought iron windows and railings, you will get the look of customized architecture and trim your neighbors will envy.

Our iron garage doors feature hand crafted iron trim designed to match or contrast with our wide selection of ready to install iron doors as well as any custom designed door. We never mass produce our iron garage doors; each one is designed to exacting specifications for a perfect fit and smooth operation every time. Rolled, 16 gauge stainless steel panels are insulated to keep out the elements and protect your vehicles in all kinds of weather and are lightweight enough to use with most standard garage door openers.

The ornamental iron trim is hand forged and installed on your iron garage door panels by skilled craftsmen. The entire door is then finished with a black powder coat finish and can be customized with a rich, bronze patina for a classic look lasting for years to come. Iron garage doors of this quality can’t be found anywhere else at these exceptional prices.

The garage door is not only the largest door in your home, it is often the first one visitors see. Decorative iron garage doors can turn what is a purely function area into a delight to the eye with features like iron scroll work and frosted glass to allow in light while protecting your privacy. Iron garage doors cater to your attention to detail and love of the finer things in life, but our low prices will appeal to your financial sense.…